Field Rules


The ARCF Club controls field access and flight operations at the ARCF flying field. Field access is limited to those members who support the club field by payment of field usage fees. ARCF members who do not pay field dues are not permitted to fly at the field at any time. Accordingly, the following set of rules will control access to the field.
  1. Members of the Alexandria R/C Flyers (ARCF) who are current AMA members, and who are current on field use dues (paid in full by January 1 of each year).
  2. Guests – ARCF members who are field cardholders may sponsor guest flyers on the following basis: guest must be an AMA member, Must be accompanied by sponsor, Must observe all AMA and ARCF Club field rules, and may fly twice annually as a guest.
  3. Guests must use their AMA membership card to reserve a frequency slot on the frequency control board if using 72 Mhz equipment.
  4. Contest and Fun Flys – Visitors may fly at ARCF sponsored contests and fun flys. All visiting flyers must be AMA members.
  5. Membership expires December 31 each year and dues are due on January 1 and must be paid before flying the new year. (New members dues paid after Sept 1 will not be required to renew their membership for the following year.)

Field Rules,

  1. Flyers must have a current AMA membership card in their possession.
  2. AMA safety rules will be observed by all flyers.
  3. Normal field operation hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Night flying operations are allowed from 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm and are limited to electric powered aircraft and glow powered aircraft with well muffled engines of .25 cubic inch displacement or smaller.
  4. All flights will be conducted within the boundaries of the 40 acre site without flying over any roads or highways.
  5. Effective mufflers are required on all engines of 0.06 cubic inch displacement or larger.
  6. Spectators will be permitted in the pit area only when accompanied by and at the invitation of a person possessing a current club membership card.
  7. No use of alcohol or other drugs will be tolerated within the confines of the 40-acre flying site.


72 Mhz, 50 Mhz, and 2.4 Ghz Spread Spectrum are all allowed at the ARCF field.
  1. Flyers must have a current field use card or current AMA card in the in use frequency slot before turning on a 72 Mhz Transmitter.
  2. Flyers turning on a 72 Mhz transmitter on a frequency already in use by another pilot will be responsible for any damage to persons or property resulting from their actions.
  3. Transmitters not in use must be impounded. This includes 2.4 Ghz equipment.
  4. On busy days flyers must take turns in using a 72 Mhz frequency. If someone is waiting to use your frequency please limit your use to 20 minutes.