Jim's E-Flite 1.5m Maule M7

A few shots from our 2017 Annual Fun Fly / Swap Meet

Mike Likes It!!!!
 Does the shirt make Glenn's plane look fat?  I mean FAST!!??

A good Turnout!  The parking lot was full to capacity!

Tables full of fun and commerce abounded!

Visiting with friends from around the state!

This trailer came complete with Couch and TV!

Flying and Fun at ARCF Field!

Check out the Club's new custom built field roller!  

Hangar Nine Beast 60e and Aeroworks 35% Edge 540.
 Resting in the shade between flights!

Jim's Stingray 500 collective pitch 3D Quad Copter getting ready to fly!

Our field as seen from a GoPro mounted on Jim's Sport Cub.

GoPro / Sport Cub shot of Mike and Jim at the field..

Mike McCormick getting ready to maiden his latest building project.

Jim gets a little nostalgic at times.  Here's his 1980s vintage Aerostar 40 trainer.
 Plane is guided by a Vintage72Mhz Futaba 9WCII radio.  Still flies great!

Tigger, guarding an 80" YAK Profile Gasser!
Hey, this is supposed to fun after all, right?

Big airplanes anyone?

Jack and Wayne must be up to something!
Two Cubs on floats!  It's going to be a fun day!